The Sweetness of Chocolate

The earliest evidence of chocolate is traced back to early Mexico and Guatemala. As early as 1900 B.C. with the Aztec and Maya peoples, who often made beverages from the substance. The substance is made from the seeds of the Cacao tree, which in their raw state are very bitter, and must be fermented in order to bring out the sweet taste.sweetness-of-chocolate-

Once the beans are fermented, they are dried and cleaned and then roasted. The shell of the seed is then removed and the mass that remains is ground to what is called cocoa mass, which is then liquefied and then processed into cocoa solids and cocoa butter. Most of the final product that is produced today is made up of cocoa solids and cocoa butter in varying combinations with sugar and milk added to proportion.

The cocoa solids are one of the world’s richest sources of antioxidants of the flavanol variety, and is helpful in helping to build the immune system and reduce blood pressure. The use of chocolate has made it one of the most popular types of food and flavoring all over the world.

Even though cocoa originated in South America, today Western Africa is the producer of nearly two-thirds of the cocoa in the world. Early Europeans such as Columbus and Cortez were among the first of their kind to taste it, and as it was brought back to Europe, it became fashionable as a drink for the royalty and wealthy of the day.

Today, the substance is known and well accepted all over the world, as it is used as a drink, and make into all kinds of candies, pies and cakes, and taken as a drink as well.

Cadbury Dairy MilkThere are positive effects that are derived from the consumption of the substance which include:
– The circulatory system may be positively affected by its consumption.
– Eating the substance may help reduce the risk of various cardiovascular diseases. It can also assist with the reduction of blood pressure.
– Eating the substance will help brain activity and memory, as well as the ability to function at higher levels.
– Cholesterol levels can be lowered by its consumption.
– One study showed that a moderate consumption of the substance showed lowered body mass index results.
– Large concentrations of flavonoids are contained in the substance, which helps build the immune system and ward off disease.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are also some negative aspects:

– Eating too much of the substance can cause heartburn, cause one to put on weight, and cause acid reflux.
– Too much consumption can be a factor in causing kidney stones due to the large concentration of oxalate.

There is no doubt about the general public acceptance of the product, as it is now a $50 billion per year business on a world-wide scale. About 45% of that volume comes from the European nations.

The substance is often associated with holidays and festive events, and since it can be easily molded into different shapes, it is a popular substance for all kinds of interesting figures that are made to celebrate the holiday or event.

Maintenance Tips For Pre Owned Vehicles

subaruThere are many people who don’t like to buy things that aren’t brand new. However, when it comes to pricey assets such as cars and trucks, lots of people find it more convenient to buy previously owned ones. The main reasons are the high price tag and the rapid devaluation of such assets.

When buying a pre-owned bucket truck, you have to be aware that its owner is selling it for a reason. Maybe its maintenance costs have become too high to be worth continuing to use the vehicle. If they manage to see it while it still has a good market value, they are going to save some money. However, when you buy it, you can expect to pay something for repairing and maintaining it in good operational condition, so the real price is going to be higher than what the seller wants. Some companies sell their fleet trucks when they reach a certain mileage, since they are aware the higher the mileage, the more money the maintenance of these trucks requires. It’s much better to sell them and consider the money as down payment for new ones than to keep them until you have to spend a lot of money every month in order to keep them running. Finance companies may sell used bucket trucks repossessed from borrowers who became unable to keep up with their payment schedule.

Advantages Of Buying Pre-Owned Vehicles

A used bucket truck could mean a lot of trouble, especially if you have the bad luck to see all its parts collapsing shortly after you’ve bought it. Nonetheless, there are many people who prefer buying such vehicles because of various reasons.

Lower Costs – This is the main reason why people prefer buying used vehicles. Used bucket trucks are always cheap because of depreciation. The more they age, the lower their value, so they become quite tempting for people who would love such a truck but can’t afford to buy it new. The mileage accumulation is another element that brings down the cost.

Easy Financing – Banks and other landing institutions are more relaxed when it comes to financing pre-owned vehicles, so many people choose this solution for being able to finance their purchase easier. The reason banks give such loans easier is the lower price of the acquisition which means a lower risk for them.

Shorter Installment Terms – Since there’s less money involved in the purchase, repaying it is faster than in case of a brand new vehicle. Besides, the down payment is also smaller, thus enabling a wider segment of the buyers access to such vehicles.

Lower Risk – The borrower has a lower risk of defaulting their loan, since the total amount they need is much smaller than in case of new vehicles.

Busting The Myths

There’s a popular belief that a pre-owned vehicle needs a lot of maintenance, as it usually breaks down all the time. While it is true that some parts may need replacement because they arrived to the end of their life, it is also true that once you’ve replaced all such parts, your bucket truck will serve you for a very long time without the need for constant maintenance and repair operations other than the regular routine things every vehicle owner has to do.

The key to enjoying a good and solid vehicle is to choose it wisely. There may be some used bucket trucks that are really run down, but if you are smart, you aren’t going to end up with one of them. It is very important that you learn how to tell the good vehicles from truly bad ones. If you know how to choose your truck, you are going to have a trustworthy vehicle and get financing for it without any problem. Click here for more.

How To Successfully Negotiate with a Used Car Dealer

hondaUnlike buying a new car where all prices are standard and you can verify them online, buying a used car be a more uncertain task. Online research can produce a rough idea of the used car’s value as well as the depreciation rate etc. but will not reveal the specific value of the car you will buy, how much maintenance it has received as well as how much the dealer has invested in the car. You must consider the costs of reconditioning a car for sale and transportation etc.

So how then is a prospective buyer supposed to procure a suitable vehicle without paying a king’s ransom for an old clunker?

1. Negotiate the Price Alone

Allow me to say that negotiating the price you will pay for the vehicle, outside of any financing or trade-in deals, is very important. Don’t allow yourself to be entangled in trade-in options or a payment allowance. When negotiating the price for the car keep the trade-in options and payment allowance outside the deal.

When you have both agreed on a price you are happy with for a vehicle you want to buy you may then introduce the idea of a trade-in offer. By waiting till after the price has been agreed upon the dealer is prevented from inflating the selling price and therefore giving you an inflated value for the trade. If they are allowed to inflate prices this can distort the outcome of the value and you will be left with a dubious deal.

2. Be Tenacious

Once you see the vehicle you want it’s time to put your negotiation pants on and bring the deal to your side of the field. Don’t be timid at knocking a good $5,000 to $6,000 off their initial asking price. They will probably laugh and hit you back with a much higher price than you gave. Be tenacious, and offer them your price again may be come up $500 if you see a really good reason to do so. Remain calm and polite. It’s just business no need to get up tight, but be hard nosed and don’t be intimidated.

Remember that you are in control of this negotiation because if you don’t like their options you can also walk, there are plenty of options out there. Tell them you are interested in a car now but if they don’t sweeten the deal you will have to find something that is more suitable to you elsewhere.

3. Be Polite but Bold!

Once the dealer knows you will buy this car immediately they will consider dropping their price to retain your deal. They may not come all the ways down, but perhaps far enough down to be comfortable.

You must slowly raise the price in small amounts of a couple hundred dollars until they indicate that you are nearing their magic number. Once you get an idea of what their bottom line is then the real negotiations begin and you may have to get up and prepare to walk away to wring out those last few dollars. Let them run after you and beg you to continue negotiating.

As soon as you believe that you have pushed the price as far as it will go, take one final moment to decide if you will accept the price you have agreed upon. Remember, you can always try another place and repeat today’s performance and probably better with experience. If you aren’t 100% happy with the price just walk away.

Final Thought

One final thought, be sure to take plenty of time to think the deal through and decide if it’s something you can live with. It’s very common to have a completely new perspective on a deal by the next morning.

Any good car salesman is a talented wizard of pulling you into emotional reasons to seal the deal the last thing they want your to do is spend some time thinking about the deal. Don’t be rushed into making a foolish decision you will regret later.

Data Recovery And Better Storage WIth RAID

RAID is becoming a more common feature for computers considering how costly and irritating it is when hard drives fail. Even if you’re not using RAID, your PC motherboard most likely has a RAID controller built in. Data storage, reliability and recovery as well as computer performance and scalability are much better with these smaller, inexpensive disks.

There are different configurations that RAID uses to achieve these computing goals. There are RAIDS that are the most common, such as RAID 0 & 1, as well as RAID 5 and RAID 10. Redundancy is what the R stands for in RAID, and each type has its own redundancy.

When using RAID 0, it is striping the data and accessing multiple disks. Essentially, it is breaking up the data into the stripe width, which is made of smaller pieces, and then the stripes are written across the redundant disks.

Mirroring is another word for what is known as RAID 1. This means that the data is actually on two hard drive disks simultaneously. That means that if you have a failed disk, you still have the data safe and sound on the separate disk. While there is a cost, it allows quite the effective solution with those two disks.

A parity write is the only difference between RAID 0 and RAID 5. This is known as an error correction, or combining data on the stripes. The parity isn’t written on just one disk but several disks.

A failed disk’s parity contents can be calculated in order to recover the data. With what are known as hot swap installations, there is a removal of the failed disk, and then it is replaced, and rebuilding the data is the next step The data is instantly recovered, but there is a definite degradation in performance.

RAID is robust and scalable in design at the same time. Still, when hard disks are continually added, failure risk of those hard disks is more likely. What’s great is that when a disk fails, RAID’s design helps keep everything running. When multiple disks fail, it is possible for failed data to be read correctly after being written if the RAID is configured correctly, but there can be a degradation in performance.

A RAID recovery is still required with multiple disk failures eventually – There are various disk types, and the recovery by RAID of data that is important uses different disks. A lab is sometimes required for study of the failed disk before utilizing RAID to recover your data. There are companies that have specialists when it comes to managing RAID setups, so you can count on them to do the data recovery for you.